Carlisle goes Fizz Free in February !

Date Posted: 4th Feb 2019

Fizzy drinks are some of the largest single sources of sugar for children; providing an average of 29% of their daily sugar intake. Cutting out fizzy drinks is an easy way to reduce your sugar intake. By committing to going fizz free for the entire month of February it will make easier to cut down on fizzy drinks for the rest of the year.

Here are a few reasons to make a change:

  • Reducing your sugar intake can help with weight loss, dental decay and saves you money…
  • You could save £438 a year if you stopped drinking one bottle of soft drink, per day for a year!
  • Drinking just one 330ml can of fizzy drink a day could add up to over a stone weight gain per year.
  • 79% of fizzy drinks contain 6 or more teaspoons of sugar per 330ml can.
  • Tooth decay is the leading cause for hospitalisation among five to nine year olds in the UK, with 26,000 children being hospitalised each year due to tooth decay – in other words, 500 each week.

Take a look at the ‘Frequently asked question’ document attached for more information. 

Make A Pledge To Go FIZZ FREE !

Pledge to go fizz free this February to help kick the sugary drinks habit. Whether you’re keen to take part as an individual, or get other on board in your community, the resources you need to get started are attached. 

Feel free to use and share the resources attached; print them out, put them up in your organisation/school and Make a Pledge for you, your friends, family and organisation to go FIZZ FREE.

Don’t forget to email your pledges to [email protected] and tweet us @SugarSmartCA #gofizzfree #SugarSmartCarlisle 

Want more information about SUGAR SMART Carlisle ?

For more information click SUGAR SMART Carlisle to visit our website, read about the project and get inspired! We can also help you sign up to the SUGAR SMART UK site, so you can assess even more fabulous resources. 

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