Carers Allotment update...........Winter is coming

Date Posted: 10th Oct 2018

After the success of GAD 2018 in getting the allotment up and running  there is still a bit of work to do. We really need Carers to come down and give us a hnad to weed , and dig over the alloment before we cover it up for the winter. We need to make some repairs to the shelters we have for our fruit bushes , as well as pruning raspberries etc.  before winter. We still have cabbages and leeks , and celeriac and purple broccoli growing . 

Our Young Carers went down for a few sessions in the summer but we need more Carers to be involved. Gardening can be very relaxing and is a great stress reliever. Once we have tidied it up we will cover it over and that's it until spring .....................unless someone has any ideas of what to grow during the winter 

Interested ? contact David , our Volunteer Coordinator (and a keen gardener)

our large shelter ............currently has a hole in the roof ! our large shelter ............currently has a hole in the roof !
Our alllotment on a sunny day !! Our alllotment on a sunny day !!