What We Do

Caring for the carers

If you decide to seek help from Carlisle Carers, you will be given individual support from one of our trained Carers Support Workers.

Your support worker can carry out a Carers Assessment. All Carers in the UK, aged 16+, are entitled to an assessment of their own needs; separate to the needs of those that they care for.

The Carers Assessment aims to identify areas where greater support can be given to you as  carer, whether that be in the form of Occupational Therapist or Social Worker involvement, respite, help with your own health needs (both emotional and physical), and anything else you wish to discuss.

We can provide you with Information on all aspects of caring to help you identify services that may help you and the person you care for. Sometimes, all you may need is a friendly listening ear.

In times of crisis we may be able to help you access short term practical assistance via Carers Emegency Card. We may also be able to offer short term support via our Volunteer Scheme whose services include respite sitting, volunteer drivers for essential appointments, one to one support for carers and counselling.

We organise Social Events and Activities for carers. These include trips, courses, and group meetings, giving quality time to the Carer, providing a break from the caring role. Have a look on our events page for information about our current events.

If you are a Young Carer we have specialist Support Workers waiting to hear from you.

If you would like more information or to register with us as a carer, please call us on 01228 542156 or via “Contact Us” on this website.

Carlisle Carers on That's TV Cumbria (Channel 8 Freeview)
That's TV Cumbria came to visit us , this is what they said.....................
County Council Carers Questionnaire
Dawn , our CEO , was recently on That's TV Cumbria talking about the County Council Carers questionnaire Across Cumbria there are hundreds of carers who are looking after loved ones and Cumbria County Council wants to hear about their experiences. In particular, the council wants to hear about what support the carers themselves receive. There are five local carer’s organisations across Cumbria – Eden, Carlisle, Furness, South Lakeland and West Cumbria Carers who support carers of all ages by providing carers assessments, emergency help in a crisis and organising social events and activities. I went to catch up with Carlisle Carers to see why carers should fill out council’s survey.